Got lost books?


In order to encourage seniors to start looking for their library books now, Ms. Teixeira has created a new plan for seniors with obligations to the library.

Any senior with a lost library book can now work off their debt by volunteering in the library either during lunch or after school to work off the fine. Work will include shelving books, picking up trash form the space, organizing different parts of the book collection, and helping with library displays.

A common issue with missing library books is that students scramble to find them at the very last minute. A major goal of this new plan is to prevent this.

“It’s good because some of our books are important for other students to have,” said librarian Ms. Teixeira. “And it is important that we know which books are missing so that we can order them for next year.”

Students interested should see Ms. Teixeira, as soon as possible because this opportunity is only available until the end of third term.