Frick sings her way to District Senior Festival Recital


Lynne Frick

Three members of GHS Chorus performing at the Shalin Liu. From left to right: Emily Frick, Rebecca Dowd, Sadie Cook.


Artistry does not always reside in the limelight. Sometimes, talent can be hidden in the halls of GHS, among our own students.

Gloucester High School junior Emily Frick will be performing at the North East District Senior Festival Chorus, as well as auditioning with nearly one thousand students for a spot in the All-State Chorus Recital later in the month.

Frick, a soprano singer, along with 23 other GHS students, and over 500 chorus students throughout the district traveled to North Andover to audition. Frick was the only GHS student and one of 200 district members to be invited to perform at the January recital.

The recital will be a performance of four to five songs, sung in a variety of languages such as English, Russian and Nigerian, as well as perform choreography.

The audition consisted of two parts, a prepared piece by the auditioner, and a required piece that each auditioner sang. Frick scored a perfect score on the prepared, as well as a 9/10 for rhythm, and an 8/10 for cite reading and pitch on the required piece. She had a total score of 79/86.

Frick found herself in a sea of other chorus singers, and felt the pressure during the audition.

“I was shaking,” said Frick. “I was so nervous that my breathing score went down!”

Frick and other members of GHS Chorus learn a variety of skill sets in the classroom, and are currently preparing for a holiday performance this Friday.

“On a daily basis the chorus is preparing for concerts, but also learning a great deal of musical literacy and vocal health,” said Chorus teacher Dan Fleury. “We are also doing preparation for our upcoming concert this Friday, in the auditorium at 7pm.”

Frick has been a member of the GHS Chorus since her freshman year, and has participated in many recitals. She is a member of her church’s choir, and she has performed the National Anthem at the 2017 GHS Academic Awards Ceremony.

Frick credits her initial interest in music and choir to Annisquam Village Church musical director Kathleen Adams.

“When I was small I would look up to the choir and organ and not pay attention to anything else,” she said. “I would turn completely around in my pillar to look at Kathleen.”

Frick believes that great opportunity can come of this upcoming recital and audition.

“If I get into All-States, college would would be great for music,” said Frick. “I have parents who support me and everything I do, but worry if I can make a career out of this.”

Fleury, who currently has a class of 32 students, welcomes upcoming students and GHS members to join the class for a chance to meet the same opportunities as Frick and other chorus members have.

“If there are students put there who find the prospect of singing exciting, I hope they can come join us,” said Fleury. “For the classes, and we have rehearsals for after school chorus every Monday at 2:20pm.”

Check out the Northeast District Recital website below for more details: