“Slow Down” policy takes effect today

ALEXANDER OAKS, Editor in Chief

In response to increased vaping and vandalism in the bathrooms, Gloucester High School will implement a “Slow Down” policy which will take effect on Friday, December 7th.

Only one student will be allowed out of each classroom at a time to use the bathroom, and students must have a signed Compass or Compass Passport sheet.

Students without a signed Compass or Compass Passport sheet will be instructed to return to the classes he or she came from. If the student does not comply, the Dean of Students will be notified.

Classroom teachers are also required to maintain a classroom log of students who leave the classroom with a signed Compass. Those logs will include block, date, student’s name, location, time out, and time returned.

Before entering a bathroom, students will sign into an additional monitor log kept at the monitor desk. Teacher hall duties have been moved to locations near the bathrooms to monitor this. 

“I don’t really feel comfortable signing into the bathrooms,” said senior Brandon Smith, “it’s a little unnerving.”

The policy is designed “to combat the vandalism, vaping, and other harmful, disruptive behavior that has grown prevalent in bathrooms and some other areas in the school,” said GHS Principal James Cook.

Administrators, faculty, and staff will check bathrooms to move students who may be congregating there. They will also be visible in the hallway to make sure students are moving toward class during passing time.

“I can understand why they implemented the policy, but I still don’t like that this is our reality.” said senior Lauren Wood.

To recap, here are the new steps to use the bathroom:

  1. Record date, location, and time out in the Compass, then get signature from teacher.   
  2. Record date, name, location, and time-out in the classroom monitor log before you leave
  3. Sign in to additional bathroom monitor log when you get to the bathroom
  4. Sign out of the bathroom monitor log, when you leave the bathroom
  5. Record return time in the classroom monitor log when you get back to class.

Principal Cook also said exceptions would be made for students with medical plans requiring bathroom use and for any student with an urgent situation requiring bathroom use.

“I think people should’ve just left their Juuls and vapes at home and this never would’ve been a problem in the first place.” said junior Juliana Bolognese. “Why is the entire school being punished for something a couple people are doing?”