Got blood? Donate.

EMILY PALK, Staff Writer

Are you a lifesaver? You could be.

One pint of blood can save three lives, but less than thirty-eight percent of the population is eligible to give blood.  Five million patients in the US need blood every year, and every two seconds someone needs a blood transfusion.

To help meet this critical need, Gloucester High School will be hosting a blood drive on December 14th. The Red Cross will be taking donations from any student sixteen and older.  GHS needs a minimum of 67 people to sign up to reach the quota.

Because red blood cells have a shelf life of only forty-two days, the Red Cross must collect fifteen thousands pints of blood every day to meet the needs of patients at about 2,600 hospitals nationwide.

Students should see Tracy Wood, Jemima Grow or Mrs. Menery-Sammataro to reserve a spot on the list. Donors under eighteen must have parents permission to be eligible to donate.

The donations will begin at 8:30 AM, and end at 1:30 PM. The donations will take place in the Field House. Students who donate can receive a free American Red Cross T-shirt while supplies last.