Get up and join a club



As first term comes to an end, students have finally settled into the new school year and some know in what direction they want to go. However there are new clubs to consider joining this year, making extracurricular activities even more available to everyone.

Clubs and extracurricular activities are not just something for your college application. They provide doors for students to open and discover new interests, or embrace an old one with similar students. Not only are they an easy way to create new friendships, but they give students a platform to do the things they love.

There are clubs for every personality and interest. They also create opportunities that you may not have during the school year. If you couldn’t take French as a class, join French club. If you couldn’t take an art class, join the art club. Or if you loved a class so much you just want more of it, there are clubs for that such as the chemistry club. If you love your robotics class, join the Robotics Club.

Those interested in helping people should join the interact club or the youth advisory council, where the main goal is volunteering and fundraising for different organizations that help people. The Gloucester Youth Council promotes healthy living and having a positive influence on those around you. In addition, if making a difference in the world is important to you, embrace that in the Human Rights Club.

Athletes who don’t want to commit to a seasonal sport can join clubs such as The Walking Club. If you participating in the walking club, you can earn gym credits that go towards your graduation requirements!

Are you a writer looking for a platform? If you are interested in reporting, join The Gillnetter, and contribute to our online school news . Or, if you want to be more creative in your writing, there are clubs for that as well! Such as The Elicitor or The Comic Book club.

If you’re looking for a career based club, there are multiple available to those who want to embrace a possible career interest. The School Bank is a great opportunity for students interested in the field to experience working at real bank. The Police Academy provides an exciting and involved way for students to learn from official police officers and learn everything about the career.

The Drama Club creates opportunities for aspiring actors to perform large productions with fellow students. If you want to be a part of the Drama Club, but do not want to be on stage, students can help with the behind the scenes of each production.

If you’re interested in business, DECA club provides learning experiences in multiple different aspects businesses and students can compete internationally.

Do you love chess? Join the chess club to embrace your love of the game and compete against someone new.

Some of the newer clubs this year include the Magic the Gathering club,  Environmental Club, and the Meditation Club.

If none of these clubs appeal to you, you can create your own club! All you need is a faculty member to sponsor you, and a great idea.

So get involved!