Auto Tech students will fix your car for free


Vidriana Catanzaro

GHS auto shop

TAYLOR PARKER , Staff Writer

If you need your car serviced, the GHS Auto Tech students can provide free services for Gloucester residents.

The Auto Program provides repair services on any cars such as break lines, oil changes, and alignments, but do not provide any auto-body services such as painting, dent removal, etc.

GHS Math teacher Jordan Burke has had his vehicle repaired by vocational students in the past. “I’ve had my brakes fixed, which allowed me to get my truck registered,” said Burke. “And I got an inspection sticker free of charge, and had an oil change done last month.

The Vocational Program does not accept payment for repairs as the work is a learning experience for student. Patrons must buy their own replacement parts.

GHS auto shop patrons can receive discounts at any auto part store in Gloucester.

Working on cars from the community is a valuable educational tool for students. Tyler Pellitier, a student in EFG block auto, stresses the importance of hand-on learning. “It gives you opportunities other kids don’t have,” said Pellitier.

To make an appointment for a consultation, call the Auto Repair Shop at (978)-281-9878