Why does Gloucester produce so many great runners?


(Courtesy photo)

Leah Rudolph runs at the New Balance Nationals Outdoors


As a new student to Gloucester High School, the first thing I noticed when I entered the Cross Country program was how impressive the runners were.

Just this spring, four GHS runners attended the New Balance Nationals Outdoors. This accomplishment is not surprising for GHS.

Gloucester High School has had a reputation for excellent runners ever since the year 2000, when our school had an impressive victory at the New Balance National Scholastic Indoor Track & Field competition.

We set the American record for “the first sub-10 minute high school Distance Medley in US History,” said coach Carpenter, the current cross country coach. Under the leadership of renowned coach Jim Munn, “the relay team held that record for over 15 years.”

Indeed, Gloucester produced athletes that made history, and continues to develop runners that compete on a National level.

But, the question remains: why and how does Gloucester produce so many great runners?

“The school has a very strong Cross Country and Track & Field tradition,” said Bryan Lafata, the Gloucester Athletic Director. “That’s what it attributes to.”

Additionally, he suggests that it is a consequence of the middle schools’ programs: “O’Maley Middle School provides a solid foundation,” as it tries “to engage the students from a young age… and keep them involved.”

Moreover, he discussed the coaches’ rigorous training. Jim Munn, the head coach that lead the history-making team in March, 2000, has left a legacy as an outstanding instructor.

“For 15 years, the students had a very stable coaching foundation,” said coach Carpenter. And that foundation has continued to influence the team’s performance.  

Continuously, Gloucester’s students are performing very well. The team is ensuring its continued success with promising freshmen, like Nicholas Poulin.

“We are looking forward to the Cross Country North East Conference this Sunday,” said Leah Rudolph, a GHS senior who has attended 4 National Competitions.

Look forward to the Gloucester Fishermen in this upcoming Track & Field season!