Bleachers ready for Friday night football


Jesse Alexander

New stadium bleachers have been cleared for use


Attention Gloucester football fans!  The Newell Stadium bleachers will be ready for the biggest game of the Fishermen’s season.

No need to bring chairs any longer, and fans’ legs can take a rest, because the bleachers are ready to take on the hundreds of Fisherman fans. The bleachers were cleared by building inspectors on Thursday afternoon.

This will be the biggest game of the year for the football players, considering it will effect whether or not the Fishermen get the number one seed in the playoffs.

The Fishermen will face the Marblehead Magicians on Friday, October 12th, at the stadium at 7:00p.m.  Both teams have a record of 5-0, possibly making this game a nail biter for the fans.

It is also the Fishermen’s senior night, so stop by at 6:15 to watch the senior’s festivities.