Fire alarm disrupts PSAT


High school students across the globe took the PSAT this week, however, at Gloucester High School, the test takers were interrupted by an unexpected fire alarm.

Consequently, everybody evacuated the building. Students had to wait roughly twenty minutes before they were allowed to re-enter their classrooms. Administration confirmed that the alarm was pulled.

After the unexpected interval, students completed their PSATs. However, many still expressed concern about the legitimacy of their tests after such an interruption. “Will  the College Board still consider my score,” said Caroline Muniz.  “Will my results count?”

The Principal James Cook said “the school did exactly what it had to do” in the given situation, as it “immediately contacted the College Board and wrote an irregularity report.”

Now, “College Board will determine what the outcome of the anomaly is,” said Cook. “We have had irregularity in tests in the past, and they (the College Board) have never invalidated grades.”