New sculpture class molds young artists


Caroline Muniz

3D Art and Design students experiment with sculpture


This year, students have an opportunity to experiment with sculpture as  Gloucester High School introduces a 3D Art and Design class.

Students in 3D Art and Design will learn about sculpture and art history. The new class will teach students about the elements and principles of art and design: such as color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value.

“Students will learn about sculptors that work in various art styles,and cultures from the prehistoric era to contemporary times,” said art teacher Helen Duncan.“We didn’t have a 3D Art class,” said clay teacher Helen Duncan, “it’s mostly studio art, so it was needed.”

“So far we’ve learned about artists of the 20th century and learned how to use their techniques in our own art,” said Caroline Muniz, a student in Duncan’s A block 3D Art and Design class.

To help them brainstorm ideas for future projects, Caroline and her classmates are filling sketchbooks.

“In our sketchbooks we are creating collages of magazine cutouts in order to inspire us,” said Muniz.

Muniz has a unique process for her sketchbook.

“I take one whole picture and I cut it into little pieces and then I put those pieces in a distorted way,” said Muniz. “Hopefully I’ll find unique ways to take physical objects and do the same thing. Take something normal, and make it distorted.”

Students will now have the opportunity to try out new mediums. “We are going to be working with many different materials, including found materials,” said Duncan.

Senior Aidan Cunningham is using found materials in her current project.

“I am making a dress from cardboard,” said Cunningham. “I have sewn a dress before, and wanted to experiment in a different medium.”

3D Art and Design lets students explore a new art form.

“We have a lot of creative freedom to make whatever we want as long at its within the guidelines of the project,” said Dylan Murdock. “Sculpture is really epic.”