Docksiders set to perform at Topsfield Fair


MADISON LAING, Staff Writer, Arts and Culture Editor

Looking for something to do this Columbus Day weekend? The GHS jazz band, the Docksiders, will be performing this coming Saturday at the Topsfield Fair.

Their performance will be at 2:00 PM and be approximately an hour long.

While at the fair, there are plenty of rides to enjoy, and a plethora of food carts to stop at and try out. If rides aren’t your thing, you can play some games, or see what the inside parts of the fair have to offer.

If you go inside, you’ll be able to see a 2,114 pound pumpkin, or the many decorated pumpkins that surround it. In another indoor part, you can expect to see chicks and adorable bunnies.

Weekday tickets will cost $12.00 and weekend tickets, (including Columbus Day), will cost $15.00.

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