Friendship bracelets send message of gratitude


The Youth Advisory Council is spreading positivity through bracelet making and mints at this year’s Health and Resources Fair.

Students can make friendship bracelets with a Lifesaver Mint attached as a gift for anyone whom they consider to be a “lifesaver”. Whether it is a friend, teacher or parent, the Youth Advisory Council wants students to send messages of gratitude to one another. Students can make as many bracelets as they want. 

“The idea is to have an interactive activity where students can create something with their own hands, and they decide what it looks like and who it goes to,” YAC Adviser, and Health & Wellness coordinator Karen Hurst.  

“It’s about feeling good about yourself and feeling good about being here at GHS,” said Hurst. “There is a lot of good here that is not always demonstrated.”

The Health and Resources Fair will be held GHS Friday, September 28. Students will be able to meet with 25 community organizations that can provide information, resources and connections.

Hosted by the Gloucester High School-Based Health Center and Addison Gilbert, students will discover how to lead a healthier life.

In its second year, volunteer-based Youth Advisory Council, has done many projects to improve morale at GHS. The Positivity Rocks, Valentines in the cafeteria and the Community Tree are among YAC’s recent efforts to make everyone feel welcome.

For more information about YAC, and to make a friendship bracelet, check out the club’s booth at the health fair on Friday.