Farmers’ Market hosts open mic for gun violence awareness


This Thursday, September 27th, there will be open mic opportunities for all ages at the Cape Ann Farmers’ Market Stage Fort Park as part of the 2018 Concert Across America to End Gun Violence.

The concert has been organized by Cape Ann teens, and is open to anyone. Potential performers are asked to be ready with two or three songs. The organizers will be able to provide a keyboard, amplifier, and two mics at the bandstand.

“I’m going because they held the event a couple years ago and I thought it was a worthy cause and the people there were really passionate,”  said GHS sophomore Mila Barry, who plans on attending the event. “I want to support the musicians doing something good for the country and supporting a cause that matters.” 

Sign ups in advance can be arranged over email with [email protected], but are not required. Any questions or concerns can be directed to that address as well.

The concert will start at 4:00 PM.

In addition, local resident, writer, and activist Amanda Cook and HAWC (Help for Abused Women and Children ) will be hosting an orange origami crane fold-in, to raise awareness of gun violence, and violence against women and children in particular.

This is part of the ongoing Orange Crane Project, an effort that honors the 37,000 lives lost every year to gun violence. The goal is to create an art exhibit with one paper crane for each life lost.

For more information on the Orange Crane project, gun violence, and to get involved, visit the links below:

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