New school year, new Chromebook policy at GHS


Empty Chromebook cart in the library


This year, students who rely on classroom Chromebook cart back-ups may find limited resources due to policy changes designed to place more responsibility on students.

GHS has sent all but one Chromebook cart to Gloucester’s elementary schools. This means GHS will have only 30 back-up Chromebooks available for students who leave their devices uncharged, or at home.  

These back-ups do come with restrictions.  Students may sign out a loaner Chromebook only three times per semester.

“Last year, there were a significant number of Chromebooks that went missing from the Chromebook carts that were in classrooms,” said GHS Principal James Cook. “It just revealed to us that the responsibility needed to shift to the students.”

“The real deciding factor about moving the carts was the need for Chromebooks at elementary schools,” said Cook.  “MCAS is going online this year.”

Loaner Chromebooks can be signed out in the library – first come first served. Once the cart is empty, students will be out of luck. The library loaner cart has been consistently empty by 10:00 a.m. most days. Library computers must be returned at the end of the day, or they will be disabled. 

If the library is closed when students go to return their loaner computers, there will be a box in the main office.  

Cook said that coming to class with a charged Chromebook must be a priority for GHS students.

“Students and parents having a routine of plugging it in at a particular place every day as a part of prepping for the next day,” said Cook. “Will ensure that students will be ready for use.”