Athletic trainer Maryellen Zielski’s retirement brings celebration


(from left) Allie Sears, Delaney Benchoff, and Rachel Belanger serve junior Tori Carini ice cream at Zielksi’s retirement party


After twenty eight years serving the athletes of Gloucester High School, Maryellen Zielski is retiring. As the athletic trainer here at GHS, she has helped diagnose and care for the medical dilemmas of our community.

In order to celebrate her dedication to the school, the athletic department sponsored a retirement party after school on Wednesday, May 30th, which gave away free ice cream to any interested students and staff.

Honoring Ms. Zielski’s retirement, Gloucester students Rachel Belanger, Delaney Benchoff and Allison Sears helped to serve four different flavors to recipients.

With the participation of several staff members, students, and sports teams, nearly all four containers were consumed in celebration of Ms. Zielski’s retirement this year.