Orange Crane project honors victims of gun violence


Amanda Cook

Students make paper cranes to bring awareness to gun violence


Since the start of 2018, there have been 22 school shootings in the United States.

To bring attention to this and the 37,000 lives lost every year to gun violence, Gloucester resident, writer and activist Amanda Cook is collecting 37,000 paper cranes from community members until May 29th.

“Getting young people to stay focused on the issue is really important,” said Cook. “This campaign is about empowering people to know that they can be a part of the change.”

Anyone can donate any amount of orange cranes. There are boxes to collect these cranes in the GHS Library Learning Commons, The Gillnetter headquarters in room 2212, the Sawyer Free Library teen center, the Backyard Growers center, and at the UU Church in Gloucester. Cranes can also be sent to P.O Box 246 in Gloucester, MA 01930.  

This project is held annually by Cook. This year, she has expanded her efforts to directly include GHS students.

After all of these cranes are collected on the 29th, they will be put together on display as an art exhibit.

Those who also want to stand in remembrance of lives lost due to guns can also wear orange to school on June 1st, National Gun Violence Awareness day. There is also a proclamation at City Hall about National Gun Violence Day on Friday, June 1st at noon.

Cook hopes to create unity in the community regarding this issue.

“Gun violence doesn’t affect just one person, it affects family, friends and the whole community,” said Cook. “It is important for people to get involved in any way they can and it is important to get others involved in any way they can.”

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