School cancelled due to smoke in Vocational Wing


Ericca Nolan

Students gather outside GHS Thursday morning due to equipment malfunction in the Vocational Wing

GIANNA CABRAL, Staff Writer, Arts and Culture Editor

As students and staff arrived to school this morning, they were greeted with crowds of people and fire trucks outside of Gloucester High.

According to an email sent to parents from Superintendent Dr. Richard Safier, “before the start of school, smoke was detected in the Vocational Wing of Gloucester High School.”

Staff and students in the building before school were instructed to evacuate the building. Arriving students and staff were told to remain outside.

The reports I have received indicate that smoke from overheating equipment caused the alarm to go off,” said Principal James Cook.

“Everyone was confused about what was going on,” said Freshman Jenna Miller. “ No one was really sure about what was happening.”

In a second email sent home to parents, Safier announced school at GHS would be cancelled “due to the need for continued inspection of the building.”

AP exams for World History and Statistics were scheduled for today,  but were cancelled due to the situation.

“With regard to the AP testing scheduled for today, Mr. Dipietro has already contacted the College Board and has arranged for the exams to be taken on the designated make-up testing day,” said Cook.

To ensure the safety of students and staff, the overheated equipment is currently being tested in preparation for school tomorrow.