The Gillnetter 2018 staff’s Netflix picks



It may be NFL drafting season, but there are still other ways to keep yourself entertained. Here are the Gillnetter staff’s top picks for Netflix shows and movies:


The Office – The hilarious office adventures of your average co-workers at a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Internship – This comedy features old school businessmen who decide to take on an internship at Google, with skeptical coworkers and team challenges at hand, the duo’s immersion into the company isn’t seamless.



Lost – The passengers of a crashed airplane flight find themselves trying to survive on a mysterious island.

Captain America; Civil War – An action packed movie starring lots of my favorite superheroes as they fight amongst each other.



Stranger Things – A science fiction show about the series of strange events that unravel as a 12- year old boy goes missing in what is believed to be another world.

Scary Movie – A parody film mocking all of the dramatic scenes from the most popular horror movies today.



Arrow – The return of an assumingly deceased millionaire seems to have no effect on the lives of the citizens of Starling City, but as the night approaches Oliver Queen’s new persona is revealed as he sets out to right the wrongs of the town.

White Chicks – Two African American FBI agents have to pose as white females in order to complete a mission in the Hamptons, and as you can imagine the transformation poses many issues.



Gossip Girl – The inside gossip is revealed by an unknown source into the lavish lives of several high school “friends” living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Who is it? You’ll never know.

The Sixth Sense – A young boy visited by ghosts seeks answers from a child psychologist and the events and conclusions that arise will leave you speechless.



On my Block – The friendship between four teenagers living in South LA is tested by challenges in high school and their poor neighborhood.

Forrest Gump – The classic American film portraying the life of a disadvantaged Alabama man and the wild journeys he endures throughout famous historical events.



Trailer Park Boys – This comedy features the misadventures of a group of middle-aged trailer park residents with not-so-great records.

Mulan – This classic Disney movie portrays the heroic tale of a young girl in China who replaces her ill father’s position in the war- but must position herself as a male. Her creature friends and deep secret create for adventure along with a twist of romance.



Alias Grace – The story of a young Irish immigrant named Alias Grace who is convicted of the 1843 murder of her employer and housekeeper in Upper Canada.

The Secret of Moonacre – This fun kids movie tells a story of a young girl, orphaned and sent to live with her eccentric uncle on his estate. While there, she unravels the mystery of her family’s past and their rivalry with a neighboring clan. Filled with magic and humor, this movie is an adventure for any family to enjoy.


Friends – A must watch series about the lives of six friends living in NYC, while sharing an apartment the group shares many close relationships, stories, and life milestones.

Grown Ups – A close to home film looks into the reunion of high school friends and their families and the youthful fun they chase.



Queer Eye – This hilarious show will never fail to entertain you as gay men advise straight men in the field of fashion, grooming, design and wine culture.

The Godfather – This famous film focuses on the Italian-American mob family of Don Vito Corleone. As his youngest son joins the family business reluctantly, he struggles to maintain a normal relationship with his wife with all of the inevitable violence involved in his new job.



Dexter – Dexter Morgan is a Miami detective who not only solves murders, but commits them as well. Dexter kills the guilty and therefore justifies his actions, but keeps his secret life from his family, friends, and coworkers.

Trolls – Two trolls, Poppy and Branch, set out on an adventure to rescue their friends before the Bergens, a group of malicious goblins, get to them first.



Orange is the New Black – Orange is the New Black has an amazing plot, it always leaves you wanting more.

Mean Girls – A teenage girl homeschooled in Africa transferred to the suburbs of Illinois to find out that surviving teenage girl drama is not an easy task. Cady transforms herself into what is accepted as popular only to find out who her true friends are.  



Psych – A man named Shawn Spencer has to pretend to be a psychic to get himself out of trouble with the police station. The police station asks him to continue to work with them and help them on their cases, so him and his best friend Gus create a Psychic Detective agency and try to convince the public that Shawn is a psychic, and chaos ensues. This show will never fail to make you laugh.

The Way He Looks –  As Leonardo, the main character, struggles with his blindness he also has to explore his feelings about his new friend Gabriel. This is a brazilian romance about a group of three teenagers, focusing in on Leonardo the blind LGBT character. This movie is in Portuguese but subtitles are available and is what I used. This movie will not fail to warm your heart



The Vampire Diaries – A teenage girl has to choose between two vampire brothers and their supernatural lives. What she discovers will change her life.

When We First Met – After a night with the woman of his dreams, a man now living in the friendzone gets unlimited chances to travel back in time and make the night perfect.



Once Upon a Time – Various fairy-tale figures are caught between the real world and memories of their magical lives have been shielded by a curse. Even in the real world, with every hero comes a villain.

Death Note – This Japanese anime film follows the adventures of a high school student who finds a notebook and uses its powers to kill anyone he knows.