GHS Theater Program steals the show with seven recognitions


Jessica Ruggles

(from left) Maddie Gossom, Jessyca Muniz, Haley Johnson, Bella Giordano, Brendan Johnson, Karlee Hynes, and Kayla Saltonstall at the Massachusetts Theater Celebration at Weston High School


On March 10th, the GHS Theater Program went to the Massachusetts Theater Celebration at Weston High School. This drama festival was made possible by METG (Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild), who organized a one-day, non competitive celebration that gives students the chance to get feedback on their work and make connections with students in other schools.

This year the theatre program performed “Nora’s Lost” and received seven student recognitions. Jessyca Muniz, Brendon Johnson, Karlee Hynes, Bella Giodorno, and Kayla Saltonstall all got awards for their excellence in acting. Madeline Gossum got an award for her set design and Haley Johnson got an award for her excellence in stage management.

Last year the theatre program performed “Twelfth Night” and had three student recognitions, as well.

The drama festival is open to all Massachusetts high schools, and each school has to make a presentation of their choice that is under 40 minutes. Each performance will receive onstage feedback sessions with METG judges chosen from a pool of working theatre professionals and educators in Massachusetts. These judges recognize the students that stand out in their programs, doing extraordinary work.

“I didn’t really know what to expect because I hadn’t gone to fest before. I didn’t really know what the other shows or schools would be like, but I enjoyed it a lot,” said Ben Callahan, a junior who played Bill in Nora’s Lost. “I liked it, I miss it and I’m looking forward to it next year.”

The GHS Theatre Program students look forward to attending the drama festival next year, so if you want the chance to participate, there is something for every theatre student.

“I think fest is good for people to attend if they enjoy theatre, whether it be the technical aspects of being on stage,” said Emily Palk, a sophomore who played Mark in Nora’s Lost. “The judges made comments about our set, the cohesiveness of the cast, individual actors, and the production as a whole.”

The shows performed at fest are around 45 minutes long, if you’re interested in performing and getting feedback, meeting other schools, seeing other shows, come to fest with the drama club.

If you want more information about fest and learn about what goes on, you can visit the METG website,