Can’t we just have a snow day without the snow?


GIANNA CABRAL, Staff Writer, Arts and Culture Editor

Who even needs snow? Global Warming, am I right? Just kidding, climate change is real. But seriously, Mother Nature just needs to pull herself together because there are so many reasons why I am tired of these stupid Nor’easters.

If you haven’t seen it, Caroline Enos from The Gillnetter went out and did a Facebook live from the GHS parking lot not too long ago during a storm. Although she did a great job despite the circumstances, I certainly do not want to see a repeat. Why? She might not make it out untouched by the storm next time. I do not want to see her fall into the GHS parking lot/swimming pool –or worse– accidentally go parasailing.

Secondly, I am tired of the wind. I am a short person, and it is so easy to have the wind blow you away. When the wind speed is over 60 mph, there is a huge chance of flying away like Mary Poppins. Maybe you won’t turn into Mary Poppins, but your door could be blown off, or you could lose your pants instead.

Forget about trying to get anywhere with your car because the roads freeze into a skating rink. If you don’t have four-wheel drive, you could literally find yourself skating across the street, which is quite dangerous. And if you don’t have snow tires, you won’t have to travel anywhere to ski because you’ll get a free ski trip right down Centennial Ave.

Typically with the past couple of storms, there have been many power outages. A lot of trees have damaged power lines, as well. If you are planning on watching Netflix or Snapchatting your friends throughout the next storm, think again. During this time, whether you like it or not, you will be transported back to colonial times, sitting in the candlelight reading or trying to keep yourself occupied without electricity.

With all of these downfalls aside, don’t worry, there are still positive outcomes to having snow days.

Snow days still mean no school, so you have some free time to do whatever you choose to do. Although it means school will cross over into summer break, you can take this opportunity to build a snowman or snow fort while you have the chance.

If you are fretting the winter weather, don’t worry, it is very late in the year to get a lot of snow, as the treacherous precipitation season is almost over.

So next snow day, go out and brave the storm, if you dare. Enjoy any snow day you get from here on out because it just might be the last one of 2018.