Voter registration drive to be held during both lunches Wednesday


CAROLINE ENOS, Staff Writer, Editor

What is one of the best way to make a difference in your community? According to Melanie Murray-Brown, it’s to vote.

“Voting is a way for students to shape their future and it’s their right,” said Murray-Brown.

There will be a student voter registration drive during both lunches tomorrow, where Murray-Brown will help eighteen year-old students register to vote. Sixteen and seventeen year-old students may also pre-register to vote.

“By setting up at the high school, I am hoping to make it easy for students to register to vote as they engage in the community and prepare to participate in upcoming elections,” continued Murray-Brown.

Students who intend to fill out a voter registration form should have their driver’s license or their social security numbers with them.

“It is a really short application and can be completed with enough time [for students] to have their lunch,” said Murray-Brown.