Your 2018 Oscar Best Picture ballot



Tonight, the Oscars are being held for the 90th year. The best films and actors of 2017 will be honored for their accomplishments. There are 24 total categories, each one resulting in a final winner.

Some of the categories consist of best type of screenplay, best actor or actress, best director, best costume, best special effects, etc. Once one of the choices gets 50 percent or more of votes, they most likely will win.

The Oscars will be hosted by American Television host Jimmy Kimmel for the second year in a row.

The movies up for best picture are below.

Call Me by Your Name

Taking place in 1983 with a 17-year-old boy named Elio Perlman, Elio spends time with his family in their 17th century villa located in Italy. He meets doctoral student Oliver, who he spends his summer with, only to change their lives forever.

Darkest Hour

This story explains what took place before Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, entered World War II. He faces issues like creating a peace treaty with Nazi Germany, and saving the world from the Nazis’ evil.


Germany approaches France in May, 1940 on the beaches of Dunkirk, trapping allied troops during the process. Troops were removed from the beach by using any naval vessel found, and this movie shows the true grit of British soldiers and citizens alike during the darkest hours of European history.

Get Out

This mystery/horror film takes place during a weekend getaway when main character Chris finally meets his girlfriend Rose’s family. Chris suspects strange behavior in her parents, but takes it as nervousness. Further into the weekend, strange and disturbing occurrences start to occur.

Lady Bird

Outgoing teen Christine tries to strengthen her relationship with her unstable mother while balancing her senior year of high school. See how modern generational divides play out in this hit.

Phantom Thread

In 1950s London, dressmakers dress British celebrities in high quality fashion. Dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock’s work is disrupted when he finds love. The biggest take away from this movie? Love can be inspirational in more ways than one.

The Post

The Washington Post hires its first ever female writer, Katherine Graham. She runs to New York Times when she hears about government secrets being exposed. This movie highlights the government’s corruption in the Pentagon Papers scandal, and journalism at its finest.

The Shape of Water

This fantasy film takes place in 1962 Baltimore. A mute cleaning lady works in a high-security government laboratory, where she finds a mysterious sea creature hidden in a tank.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Crime takes place when Mildred Hayes’ daughter is murdered, with no culprit found. Problems arise when she paints three billboards with a controversial message revolving around the town’s police chief.

Let us know in the comments section below which movie you think will win!