GHS sets up 2018 volleyball season


Delaney Benchoff

Half Team Half Amazing versus Ball Busters .


The annual intramural volleyball season is serving up some surprises. Having started on February 26th, the games will be held in the GHS field house from 2:30-3:15 pm. Come support your favorite teams!

The 2018 league has ten mixed gender teams, including both veterans and newbies. All teams are required to have a staff member and a minimum of two girls. The teams have an average of ten players.

Here is the 2018 lineup:

Iron Curtain:

Captain- Marc Smith

Mr. Watson

Tracy Wood

Derek Hopkins

Alias Mortillaro

Claire Knowlton

Ethan Brennan

Ace Paint:

Captain- Brendan O’Brien

Mr. Enos

Matt Smith

Jack Sperry

Kyle Kariores

Seth Maciel

Danielle Larrabee

Linda Eang

Benny and the Jets:

Captain- Benjamin Oliver

Mr. Silveira

Alex Favazza

Marcus Montagnino

Jillian Gross

Julia Harrison

Courtney Good

Coach- Officer Scola

The Empire Spikes Back:

Captain- Sydney McKay

Mrs. Lowthers

Ryan Argentino

Delaney Benchoff

Bailey Marshall

Jack Bergin

Rachel Corrao

Robbie Knowles

Nick Marnoto

Hector Rivera

Maisie Grow

Set Em Hussein:

Captain- Tony Petrilli

Mr. Maddalena

Mr. P. Cook

Oliver Emerson

Taylor Hunt

Gabby Machado

Marisa Enes

Half Team, Half Amazing:

Captain- Tyrell Moulton

MSgt. Du Bose

Ms. Boardway

Kevin DeOliveira

Leonardo Netto

Esdris Serevino

Yana Pena

Lizbeth Pena

Nicolle Fernandes

Arthur Vargas

Ball Busters:

Captain- Colby Mitchell

Mr. Kennedy

James Nelson

Ryan Muniz

Cate Delaney

Ruby Melvin

Liz Luster

Chris Noyes

Zoe Venetsanakos

One Hit Wonders:

Captain- Dan McDowell

Ms. Cerrutti

Vidriana Catanzaro

Lexi Zubricki

Luke Mackert

Carli Heckman

Anthony Parco

Roger Tanaka

Mr. Linehan

Mission Unblockable:

Captain- Brandon Rivera

Ms. Cullen

Chris MacDonald

Nick Filho

Leah Rudolph

Joe Ciaramitaro

Olivia Latoff

Kevin Gabrielle

Carlos Hernandez

Awkward Sets:

Captain- Owen Bryan

Ms. Brahms

Ms. Carlson

Ms. Cafasso

Ms. King

Mr. Shearer

Devin Lichtenwald

Andrew Topouzoglou