Need a new TV series?


GIANNA CABRAL, Staff Writer, Arts and Culture Editor

Today, television is such a huge part of our daily lives. If you are constantly looking for a new TV show to start watching, here is a list of a variety of genres:

For the drama lovers:

This Is Us

This emotional drama is a roller coaster filled with love, heartbreak, and excitement. It is a TV show that represents a realistic and accurate example of what the world really is and what goes on in it. This Is Us is full of plot twists and unexpected outcomes, just like how the world we live in today is unpredictable.

The Crown

This historical drama follows the life of Queen Elizabeth ll from the 1940s to modern day in this Netflix-original series. Throughout the downfalls and successes, there are many political conflicts and plot twists that will leave you wanting to watch more. Even if aren’t into history, the story line is super cool.

For the sci-fi / fantasy geeks:

Black Mirror

This show is one you’ve probably heard of before. Each episode of this British sci-fi show brings a new suspenseful plot like you have never seen before. The good thing is, if you aren’t into any episode you are watching, you can always skip to the next episode because they are not directly connected with one another.


This sci-fi hit is about eight people around the world who are mentally connected to one another. They are able to connect mentally and emotionally and they have no idea why. Watch this to follow their journey about trying to figure out why they are connected and what it means for the future.

Game of Thrones

Based off of A Song of Fire and Ice, written by George R. R. Martin, this fantasy show is about five houses from seven kingdoms trying to take Westeros’s throne. Just because it has dragons and zombies and kings (oh my!), that doesn’t mean that it’s HBO’s take on Dungeons and Dragons. The storyline and characters are so compelling you can’t look away.

For the comedy enthusiasts:

The End of the F***ing World

Although this show can be full of drama at times, it is mainly a British comedy based off of a comic book. It is about two outsiders coming together, but one of them is a psychopath, trying to find his first victim. Follow their hilarious adventure of trying to fit into the world while also trying to figure themselves out at the same time.

Modern Family

This oldie but goodie shows new-age family life from an unconventional but relatable perspective. It bounces between three different families who live in Los Angeles, but they are all related so you can see the interactions between them. Follow these families’ lives through this sitcom mockery of how life really is.

For the mysterious viewers:


Although Miami Police Department blood spatter expert Dexter Morgan seems like he is the perfect example of an ordinary guy, he is not who he appears to be. Ironically, in his free time, he is serial killer who only kills people who are guilty to make himself feel better about his actions. Watch this mystery packed show to find out what this double-life serial killer is up to next.


Based off of comic book character, Archie Andrews, Riverdale takes place revolving around his life and the people around him. Throughout the series, they also investigate the murder of Jason Blossom and try to solve his murder. But you have to watch the entire series to figure out the mystery that leaves you hanging.

For the adventure fanatics:


Throughout the series, Kara Danvers is trying live a normal life in National City as an assistant, while trying to hide the fact that she has the same superpowers as her cousin, Clark Kent. She is constantly trying to balance between working in the city and saving the world. Be sure to catch this action packed series because there is always an adventure happening.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This show is about a league of superheroes who work in a spy force together, almost like the FBI. As you watch the show, you will follow their journey as the agents deal with unusual and mysterious cases that they have to solve. This show will leave you at the edge of your seat wanting more.