New music class offered at GHS


Vidriana Catanzaro

(from left) Sam Groleau , Kelsey Lowthers, Ivan Demarjian, Logan Wieckowski, Owen Hardy, and Rose Degrange practice scales during music class


If you’re a student at GHS, chances are you’re familiar with The Docksiders, our acclaimed jazz band. Music at GHS is an important part of our school culture. Next year, there will be more opportunities than ever for teen musicians at GHS.

The music department is bringing back the popular “History of Rock and Pop” course that had been previously cut from its offerings. Band director Daniel Fleury sees even more opportunities on the horizon.

“It’s not exactly feasible at the moment, but I would eventually love to see multiple bands, multiple choirs, a vast variety of general music classes, like another music tech course,” said Fleury.  

According to trumpet player Christian Celentano, music challenges him to work hard and excel.  “It means pushing yourself, pushing the limits, and really seeing how far you can go with it,” said Celentano. “There’s just so many places and people you can meet. There is a lot of opportunity.”

Taking music classes at GHS opens doors to other learning and performing opportunities on Cape Ann.

“Being involved in our programs, in our ensembles, is one thing,” said Fleury. “There all also community ensembles. I have several students that just for fun go to Cape Ann Big Band rehearsals Monday nights. Those are really great community outreach things to get kids involved in more real world experiences.”

“I’ve connected with the Cape Ann Big Band, which I’m hoping to do more,” said Celentano on his experiences with the musical community here in Gloucester, “Just talking with local professionals. People who have done insane amounts of really awesome concerts. Just through Mr. Fleury I’ve had the privilege of meeting some great musicians.”

According to Celentano. The musical community in Gloucester and at GHS is vibrant and inclusive.  “I’ve just had a great experience meeting them and getting to know them. They’re very open to new people, they’re not shut off. They’ll work with you and give you tips.”

Mr. Fleury encourages all students to try a music course.

“One of my favorite analogies to make is the relationship between music and sports. They are both team oriented they both require cooperation. The only difference with music is that no one’s playing defence against a chorus. No one is trying to run up to a choir member and stop them from singing,” said Fleury.  “It’s all positive. You’re all on the same team, you’re all trying to make music together. For someone that played sports as a child but didn’t continue with that, it gave me a strong sense of community. It gave me, and it gives students, a sense of belonging.”

Daniel Fleury, and middle school band director Carlos Menezes, are planning a move up night for 8th grade musicians, to continue that sense of belonging in the next group of GHS students.

“We’re hoping to connect the middle school program to the high school program in the coming weeks, and the coming years,” said Fleury. “So we’ll have less students dropping music between middle school and high school.”

To get involved with music through GHS, take a band or chorus class in school, or join the after school chorus.