Stay active in your community this winter break


GIANNA CABRAL, Staff Writer, Arts and Culture Editor

There are so many local opportunities to give back to the community. Whether you need community service hours or just want to help make an impact in the world, there is a way to give back for everyone.

Here are some places you can volunteer at on Cape Ann:

Cape Ann Animal Aid

If you love being around animals, this could be a great place to volunteer. You can take care of cats and dogs and make sure they are getting the love that they deserve. Due to high demand, you have to go on a waiting list to partake in caring for the animals, but there are a lot of other opportunities at Cape Ann Animal Aid, too.

They are always looking for volunteers to help keep their shelter grounds clean. You can also take on a project on your own time, like having a bake sale to raise money for the shelter or even making toys that will entertain the animals during their stay.

For more information, go to their website:

The Open Door

Volunteering at The Open Door is a great way to interact with the people you are helping. You can serve meals to those in need and have a friendly conversation with them, as well. The Open Door is also looking for volunteers to help out at the food pantry and Second Glance, which is a self-sustainable thrift store they run to fund the pantry.

If you don’t want to be hands on, you can participate behind-the-scenes instead. You can plant produce and donate it to this great cause. You can also donate money to help the staff make food baskets and even donate money monthly to help make a difference.

For more information, check them out here:

Pathways For Children

If you want a career that involves children or even just love to be around them, Pathways For Children could be a great place to start. They offer a lot of opportunities from reading to children at the preschool to even becoming a mentor in their building.

If you have a special hobby, talent, or an interesting career, you may even be able to do a fun lesson and share what you do for a living or for fun.

For more information, go to their website:

Addison Gilbert Hospital

Giving back by volunteering at Addison Gilbert could be a great opportunity for you. You can help out in the gift shop or greet visitors at the information desk. You can also help out in the Senior Adult Unit and spend some time assisting with activities for the elderly.

If you are looking for a wider range of options, Beverly Hospital does have a larger selection of volunteering opportunities to choose form.

For more information about both of these hospitals, please visit:

Backyard Growers

If you love gardening, then volunteering with the Backyard Growers is definitely the place to be. There are so many different ways you can volunteer with this group. You can help them build community gardens, as well as take care of school and public gardens. You also have the opportunity to mentor gardeners and help at a pop-up shop.

For more information, check them out here:


If you have a schedule that is simply too busy and can’t find the time to volunteer, don’t worry. You can always donate to great causes, too. Here are some causes you can donate to locally and around the country:

Red Cross

The Red Cross is always looking for people to donate blood. If you missed the blood drive a few months ago at the high school, they are constantly setting up local blood drives.

Be sure to look out for opportunities to donate blood here:

The Salvation Army

Everyone always has old clothes they have outgrown or simply do not wear anymore. The Salvation Army is more than happy to take your donations, within reason. They also do take furniture and household items, if you are trying to get rid of them.

For more information, visit their website:


You can help animals across the United States from being abused and neglected. Every penny counts in helping to find these loveable pets that forever homes that they deserve.

See how you can make a difference here:

Make-A-Wish Foundation

You can put together a fundraiser to help make children who have medical illnesses dreams come true. You can also donate airline tickets to help get children to where their dream will come true.

For more information, visit their website here: