GHS teachers reimagined as Disney characters


Have you ever wanted your life to be a Disney movie? Well surprise! You are living in one if you go to Gloucester High School.

When you are bored in class, picture these Disney characters giving your lesson and it will bring some magic to your day. We have noticed a resemblance, have you?

Science Department

David Enos – Tow Mater from “Cars”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Mr. Enos is very funny, gets distracted kind of easily, and reminds us of the typical Country Bumpkin. He also owns a pretty beat up old truck and Mater is a tow truck, automatically making them related.

Carol Cafasso – Eve from “Wall-e”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Eve and Mrs. Cafasso share many traits, including positivity and their love for the organic sciences. They both have caring and kind souls, making them both loveable and admired models.

Matthew Anderson – Tigger from “Winnie the Pooh”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Just like Tigger, Mr. Anderson is very energetic when it comes to talking about his favorite topics. You can catch him bouncing around his classroom like the enthusiastic Tigger.

Tracy-Lynn Lowthers – Honey Lemon from “Big Hero 6”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Both of these chemistry crazed ladies share a common love for the same subject. Their quirkiness makes them such fun-loving individuals.

Rachel Rex – Shenzi from “The Lion King”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Shenzi is the sassiest hyena we know and Mrs. Rex is easily the sassiest teacher at Gloucester High. Both characters are funny, outgoing and are sure to own their sass when necessary.

Math Department

Jordan Burke  – Mr. Incredible from “The Incredibles”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Mr. Burke is the superhero of the math department. Calculations are crucial to both of these men in their own careers. They try to carefully assess the problems and attack them in the proper, logical way.

Ryan Kaiserman – Sully from “Monsters INC.”

Vidriana Catanzaro

For those of you who have never had him as a teacher, he may look a little intimidating when passing in the hallways. However, much like Sully, Mr. Kaiserman is a huge teddy bear (or kitty?) with a big heart.

David DiPietro – Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Both of these band leaders share a passion for the production of band music. Mr. DiPietro and Sebastian make sure that the show always goes on and they never miss a performance.

Allison Smith – Snow White from “Snow White”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Mrs. Smith and Snow White both look after their children, or students. They are both mother-like figures who always make sure to put little people before they put themselves.

History Department

David Pleuler – Genie from “Aladdin”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Pleuler is constantly floating around the history department, granting all of our wishes, just like Genie shows up when Aladdin needed him the most.

Shaun Goulart – Carl Fredricksen from “Up”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Both of these men are always scheming, or “Up” to something. They try to relate to the kids, but they just aren’t hip like the kids today. Their old humor is not as funny as they might think.

Richard Francis – The Beast from “Beauty and The Beast”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Pictured above is a tall, well dressed man with a lot of facial hair, and next to him is Mr. Francis. All jokes aside, both of these men are well-educated and somewhat mannered. Emphasis on the somewhat.

Michael Perreault – Goofy

Vidriana Catanzaro

Both of these caring and “Goofy” men share a love of humor and having fun. They are both light-hearted and keep the positivity flowing through history.

English Department

Kim Trigilio – Merida from “Brave”

Vidriana Catanzaro

These untamable women have even more untamable hair. Both of these independent people take fate into their own hands and do exactly what they want, while kicking butt doing it.

Michael Telles – Bing Bong from “Inside Out”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Just like Bing Bong, Mr. Telles is the imaginary friend you’ve always wanted. Mr. Telles also tends to disappear a lot, making him and Bing Bong a perfect match. But don’t worry, he always comes back with a smile on his face.

Cynthia Mochowski – Edna from “The Incredibles”

Vidriana Catanzaro

These creative individuals both have their own unique taste for style. Although wearing a cape (like an old Super) in public is no good, Mrs. Mochowski does rock the occasional cardigan.


Officer Michael Scola – Chief Bongo from “Zootopia”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Both of these sturdy men get their jobs done and enforce the laws of their jurisdiction. But they’re both big softies who like a little Shakira every now and then.

Christopher Kobs – The White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland”

Vidriana Catanzaro

The White Rabbit and Mr. Kobs always seem to be on a time crunch. These fast-talking characters always seem to be running, or hopping around to get to their appointments on time.

James Cook – Mickey Mouse

Rick Moore

Both of these classic men can always be seen wearing stylish clothing. At the top of their hierarchies, the most well-known Disney character of all time has Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mr. Cook, our principal, has GHS.

Language Department

Teresa Gallo – Mary Poppins from “Mary Poppins”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Both of these magical women with amazing accents are inspirations to the children they see every day. Although Mrs. Gallo doesn’t use an umbrella as her primary mode of transportation, she does have a pretty nice BMW.

Carol Finacey – Duchess from “Aristocats”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Deep down, we all know Mrs. Finacey is a cat, just like Duchess. They are both caring towards children and they share a love of French, as Mrs. Finacey is a French teacher.

Arts Department

Jessica Ruggles – Elsa from “Frozen”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Both of these independent women are powerful and can be seen taking control. Mrs. Ruggles is the “queen” of the drama department, as Elsa is the snow queen.

Emily Harney – Mulan from “Mulan”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Both of these women are making their mark in the world in their own unique way. Mrs. Harney has established herself in boxing rings and other places with her photography just like Mulan made her mark in the army to defeat the Huns.

Lorrinda Cerrutti – Colette Tatou from “Ratatouille”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Mrs. Cerrutti is insanely creative and knows her specialty very well. She is passionate about her craft much like Colette. Colette and Cerrutti also look quite similar, just refer to the picture above.


Maura Feener – Fairy Godmother from “Cinderella”

Vidriana Catanzaro

Just like the Fairy Godmother looks out for Cinderella, Mrs. Feener is always looking after students in the library. They both care about people and are very kind individuals, making them similar characters overall.


Are there anymore teachers you want us to compare to Disney characters? Let us know in the comment section below.