International Studies class gives back this holiday season


Danielle Denman

Mr. Francis’ International Relations student


Students in Mr. Francis’s Intro to International Studies class are taking initiative with a sense of community and drive to help others.

The students have broken up into two seperate groups; each group helping a different charity close to their hearts. One group is gearing up to promote water relief around the world, while the other half is fundraising for MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Water Relief; Providing Safe and Healthy Water:

Students decided to work on this topic because they had previously studied microfinance– or loaning small amounts of money to those in poverty or businesses in need. They choose to promote water relief in particular because it familiar with one of the members of the group.

“In 8th grade, my humans rights project was creating water filtration,” said GHS student Leah Rudolph. “So it has always been something in the back of my mind and something I have supported since then.”

So far, the students have already set up fundraisers at Stop and Shop, have had pizza fundraisers at GHS after school, held a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings on December 20th, and have set up a GoFundMe. There are many more events for this fundraiser to come.

There will be an event at Pier 23 on December 28th, and at Jalapeños on January 4th. They are also gathering donations from local businesses for a raffle.

The group’s goal is to utilize the money earned for as long as possible.

The main goal is to raise as much money as possible,” said GHS student Carlie Goulart. “And as soon as January fourth rolls around, we are going to put the money into a website called KIVA, which is filled with people who need the money for water filtration and showers.

“The people on the site eventually pay you back, so once we get the money back we will keep putting it in and help as much and as long as possible,” continued Goulart.

GoFundMe Link:

Funding MS Research:

Members of the second group in this class have decided to fund research for finding a cure for MS.

MS– also known as Multiple Sclerosis– is a very serious and neurological condition, with no known cure. The disease affects the nervous system, which includes the spine, and can lead to painful symptoms. It eventually shuts down an individual’s nervous system.

This is a very important issue in the hearts of this group.

“A lot of us in the group have family members have people with MS,” said GHS student Macey Oliver. “So it means alot to us.”

To combat this issue, the team is working towards raising as much money as possible by hosting various events around Gloucester.

So far, the team has already held events at Cape Ann Savings Bank, George’s Coffee Shop, and have had a bake sale.

They are now continuing their fundraising by canning, selling ribbons here at school, hosting an event at Pier 23 December 28th, and have also set up an ongoing donation box in the GHS library.

All donations are accepted until the due date, January 4th. Students apart of this project urge readers to help by donating or coming to these events.