Boys hockey is starting to roll three games in


Michael F. Lattof Jr.

Senior Ethan Brennan scores on Beverly’s open net in Wednesday’s game last year.

KYLE CASSUCI, Staff Writer

First Game vs. Lynnfield 12/9- The first game of the season marked the debut for new head coach Derek Geary, who aims to improve last year’s record.

The first period contained power plays for both contestants, but the Fishermen had a tougher time staying out of the box, acquiring five penalties in the first period. This led to a 2-0 deficit in the first period. With just over a minute on the clock in the second, Junior Captain Derek Hopkins netted one goal via 5-hole.

Lynnfield then scored their third power play goal, which extended the lead to 3-2 and plundered Gloucester’s brewing momentum. In the third period, sophomore Harry Marshall scored to cut the Pioneer’s lead to one goal. Both goals came from assists dispatched by Junior Tim White. Goaltender Conor Vittands recorded a sly glove save to keep Gloucester alive.

During the third period, Lynnfield put the nail in the coffin as they took the win, with the final score of 4-2. The number of power plays gifted to the Pioneers made the difference this game.

Second Game vs. Saugus 12/14- Saugus came early and often in this one, leading the game all the way until the third period. The score was 4-1 in the third period, when Gloucester began an impressive comeback. The Fisherman’s goals started to come rapidly, coming from Sophomore EJ Field, Senior Lucas Cornetta, and Derek Hopkins.

Down by one goal with 12 seconds on the clock, Senior Sam “Pines” Poliskey records the tying goal. Final score was a stalemate, with four goals each side.

Third Game vs. Swampscott 12/17- The Fisherman dominated in the opening five minutes. There were a few solid opportunities, but no goals to justify them. Gloucester’s penalties in the first allowed Swampscott to have a five-on-three power play for 40 seconds.

Swampscott scored with 2:49 on the clock in the first period. Ryan Muniz’s shot ricocheted off of Senior Captain Chris Noyes to even the score. Noyes scored another goal by blazing past defenders and completing the drive with a shot coming from his forehand. Gloucester then received a five-on-three power play following two quick penalties from the Big Blue.

EJ Field capitalized on the play, creating a bigger gap in the goal difference. Senior Captain John John Mondello assisted Senior Jack Sperry in another goal. Shortly after, Swampscott scored off of a penalty shot in the second period. Mondello decided to rain on their short-lived parade by netting a cheeky goal, allowing Fishermen to lead 5-2. Noyes continued to stay hot by acquiring a natural hat trick in the second period.

After Noyes’ goal, Gloucester lead the game in shots by an impressive 27 shots to Swampscott’s 9. Senior Ethan “Larry” Brennan stole the puck close to the net and added another tally to the scoreboard. At this point the score was 7-2 Gloucester. Finally, with just over a minute left, Tim White gave Swampscott’s goaltender an early Christmas present, final score 8-2.

Analysis For First Three Games- It is clear that the only notable issue facing the Fisherman is the amount of penalties they account for. A plethora of penalties in game one was the main culprit of their loss. However, their first three games are showing exponential improvement.

In their second affair, they relaxed with the number of penalties produced and showed how quickly their offense can heat up. The team played until the last second, as shown in their fiery comeback draw. Their third matchup is what should scare teams in the Northeastern Conference. In this game, they displayed their relentless and deadly abilities on the offensive end, resulting in a blowout win.

Notably, they have only allowed two goals when it was an even five-on-five within the first three games. Their next battle comes this Wednesday, December 20th. Fans are eager to witness if they can build on their growing momentum.