When in Gloucester, do as the Fishermen do



Last week, more than twenty exchange students came to Gloucester from Forli’, Italy to participate in the foreign exchange program.  Gloucester High School host students, and their new Italian friends, spent the week shopping, whale watching, visiting boston, and even experienced sitting in the stands and rooting on The Fishermen football team.

Through this experience, GHS students not only created new friendships, but they got to learn more about Italian culture. “It is like having an Italian brother or sister for a week,” said Gloucester High School Italian teacher, Ms.  Rayanne Menery.  According to Menery, the culturally rewarding  program has been running for five years.

“It was a really good experience because it allowed me to meet new people and learn about a new language and culture.” said GHS senior, Melanie MacDonald, who spent a week with an Italian student named Ilaria.

The program gives students an opportunity to practice both their English and Italian skills. It also provides them with a deeper understanding of each language. So next year when this opportunity comes back around, think of the skills and friendships you can gain from taking in an Italian brother or sister for a week.