‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles

If I could just see you tonight


GIANNA CABRAL, Staff Writer, Arts and Culture Editor

As someone who has a best friend that lives over one thousand miles away, let me tell you – it is not easy. The distance is a huge bummer, but I have learned a lot about relationships from this experience.

Distance can be a make or break in a relationship, as it tests your limits on how far you’re willing to go for someone you truly care about. But it is also a powerful factor that challenges your commitment to one another.

It’s hard to only be able to see the most important person in your life through a screen. It’s hard only being able to hear their voice over the phone. It’s also hard to only be able to send messages when they are going through difficult times, instead of hugging them in person.

When you want to hang out with them, you can’t just pick up the phone and tell them to come over, or better yet, just show up at their house. If you want to go out for dinner, you can’t necessarily teleport them to you just so you can get a bite to eat.

With distance, you know that if you are both going out of the way to see each other, there is a unique connection. Not to mention, traveling can get pricey and you might also be on a time crunch. When coming together with someone who means everything to you, you’ll completely forget how many miles keep you apart. You know that it is a relationship worth fighting for when you’re taking extreme measures just to spend a few days together.

When there’s miles in between you and your best friend, it will make you not take any other relationship for granted. It will make you appreciate the people in your life right beside you, because you get to see them all the time. It will make you give relationships that often crumble multiple chances to start over, and will make you see the best in others. It will make you be thankful for them living so close to you, opposed to them living many states away.

At the end of the day, if you have a special bond with someone, it should not matter how many miles keep you apart.  Distance is a huge gamble when it comes to relationships. If you know in your heart that you were meant to come into each others lives, then that is the risk you have to be willing to take for the people you love.