Teacher Feature: Teresa Gallo


Marisa Orlando

Ms. Gallo and some of her students


Throughout high school, students will experience different types of teachers. Every once in a while, one teacher comes around that will change a student’s life forever.  For many students here at GHS, Italian teacher Teresa Gallo has positively impacted their high school careers.  

“Ms. Gallo reciprocates the respect you give her,” said senior Jessy Muniz. “While I was struggling to figure out what what I wanted to do after high school, she told me ‘As long as you’re passionate enough about something, you can be successful’ and that’s helped me make the biggest decision in my life.”

Gallo, who has been teaching since 1996, never actually thought that she would become an educator.

“While I was pursuing an undergraduate degree in Italian, it was never my intention to teach,” said Gallo.  “I just wanted to live in Italy and have a career in international business or foreign diplomacy. As Dante would say, ‘Midway upon the journey’ I ran into a slight detour, marriage, and returned to the USA. After a few years, the Italian Consular Office in Boston was looking for an Italian teacher for O’Maley. They offered, and I accepted the position. It was then that I realized just how wrong I had been about not wanting to teach Italian and how much I actually enjoyed it.”

Gallo’s students are very important to her, and many of her current students are able to recognize this.

“Aside from my own children and family of course, my students are right up there among the most important people in my life,” said Gallo.  

“She’s a mom away from home,” said sophomore Ian Josephson. “She’ll always make sure that you’re happy and find tiny ways to make you happy, like wishing you a happy birthday in front of the whole school and embarrassing you like a real mom.”

Gallo has a way of understanding her students, and is able to help them out with problems in and out of the classroom.  

“She’s a nice person to take your life problems to and just rant to. She’s basically my therapist,” said sophomore Marisa Alves.  

“I am very open and honest with my students about my successes, failures, and life lessons, especially when it can benefit them and their choices. That’s sometimes the best part of my day,” said Gallo.  “Ultimately, if I’ve helped a student make a choice that makes her enthusiastic about her future or that keeps him safe, and they can speak some Italian, then I’ve done my job.”

Gallo’s teaching style not only allows students to learn Italian, but makes the subject matter fun which in turn makes students enthusiastic about learning.   

“Ms. Gallo always pushes me to do my best,” said sophomore Bella Giordano. “Her classes are always enjoyable, and I feel less awkward about speaking Italian in front of my family because she teaches so well.”

Gallo hopes to continue inspiring students and helping to make their time at GHS a little more enjoyable.

“If I can be that adult they can respect and trust, and I am able to be a positive model for them, then it’s a mutual benefit,” said Gallo.