Enjoy Non-Violent Holiday Shopping with Cyber Monday



As turkey season rolls to an end, the gift giving pressure of the holidays begins to build. With life saving sales and some fabulous snags, Black Friday is considered a sacred day for us crazy shoppers. But as years go by, Cyber Monday has continued to outshine the hectic mall experience that Black Friday holds true.

Black Friday may be nation wide, but your community lacks a diverse range of stores. On the other hand, Cyber Monday has no limits with all of the extravagant brand options that the world wide web holds. You can have tabs with Walmart, Chanel, Sephora and Home Depot open all at the same time; who wouldn’t love that!

Also-for all of us lazy folk- Cyber Monday is the perfect excuse not to get out of bed. Not only are you saving money on these fabulous online sales, you’re saving on gas money too! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the warm blanket that Cyber Monday gifts you.

You’re telling me that you can stay in the comfort of your bed with some nice coco and a fluffy blanket and get all your holiday shopping (and even some personal presents), and you would rather wake up at the crack of dawn to go to a mall with hundreds of people and get trampled over for the same deals? HECK NO!

Do yourself a favor- skip Black Friday and go Cyber Monday shopping.