Hate Strep Throat? Chew gum.


KYLE CASUCCI, Staff Writer

With the cold days of a brutal winter impending, it is vital to take precautions to avoid sickness. Large public buildings are a breeding ground for colds, and GHS is no exception. High schools are probably one of the dirtiest places that one could be, so here are some relatively unknown methods for staying clean.

Chewing gum typically contains a sweetener called xylitol, this chemical can prevent Streptococcus pneumoniae (strep throat) from spreading.

Eating foods containing a good source of protein can halt the deterioration of the immune system, so double up on scrambled eggs.

When using equipment in a gym, be sure to wipe down machines before using them. If they are not cleaned regularly they can be a hotspot for germs.

For the cough drop nonbelievers, do not give up quite yet. Cough drops containing zinc can combat sore throats in their early stages.

Throughout the day, people touch many bacteria infested objects. Many people also have a hard time getting off of their phones, making it a perfect place for bacteria to congregate. It is important to clean any cell phone with a disinfecting wipe regularly.

Strangely enough, humming has been proven to eliminate germs. Humming produces nitric oxide in the nose, this chemical kills microbes.

Avoid touching any area near your eyes, nose or mouth, according to a 2013 study by the Journal of Occupational Health, people who constantly touch their face compared to people who do not, are 41% more likely to contract recurring upper respiratory infections.

The consumption of most drugs also sharply increase the probability of illness, on top of their other more serious side effects. This is especially true for cigarettes and similar tobacco based products.

Second hand smoke is just as dangerous as first hand, according to Indian scientists. Breathing in even a minuscule amount of smoke can take a toll on the nasal cilia. When taking in second hand smoke, the nasal cilia takes almost double the amount of time to clear pathogens and other particles.

Drinking beverages at high temperatures (around 165 degrees F) proves to be very effective in the relief of cold or flu symptoms. This is because the bacteria breeding danger zone is 40 degrees F – 140 degrees F.

While having a runny nose can be gross and annoying, it is crucial not to have a nose that is too dry. An overly arid sniffer can remove its natural antimicrobial properties.

Also remember that a proper night’s rest can help tremendously. So wash your hands, get some sleep and take your vitamins.  And if you do get sick? Stay home.