Feeling out of shape? Join a sports team



The GHS fall season has fizzled out. With the cold weather upon us and only the Thanksgiving Football game left, it is time to make way for the winter season. Start your fitness goals now or continue them after Thanksgiving and through the New Year with Gloucester High School’s  array of indoor winter athletic options beginning Monday, November 27th:

  •  Boys Basketball – Open to Grades 9-12.
  •  Girls Basketball – Open to Grades 8-12.
  •  Cheerleading – Open to Grades 9-12.
  •  Gymnastics – Open to Grades 9-12 at GHS and Ipswich High School.
  •  Boys Hockey – Varsity and Junior Varsity – Open to Grades 9-12.
  •  Girls Hockey – Junior Varsity – Open to Grades 9-12 in Gloucester and Rockport.
  •  Boys and Girls Indoor Track – Open to Grades 8-12.
  •  Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving – Open to Grades 7-12.
  •  Wrestling – Open to Grades 8-12.

All you have to do is go to this link: https://www.familyid.com/gloucester-public-schools-ma-athletics/for-athletes-gloucester-high-school-and-o-maley-middle-school-winter-2017-18-athletics-registration , select Gloucester High School and fill out Family ID. For further information on the time of the first practice contact one of the corresponding coaches via email below:

GHS Coach Email Addresses:

Boys Basketball, Khris Silveria:                                ksilveria@gloucesterschools.com

Girls Basketball, Drew Muniz:                                  dpmuniz@msn.com

Cheerleading, Erica Mitchell:                                   emitchell@gloucesterschools.com

Gymnastics, Kevin Carey:                                       kevincareyscc@gmail.com

Boys Hockey, Derek Geary:                                 derekfoxxgeary@gmail.com

Girls Hockey, Brittany Devlin                                   brickydevs@gmail.com

Indoor Track, David Coleman:                                 dcoleman@gloucesterschools.com

Swimming and Diving, Mercedes Lane:                  mtlane@bu.edu

Wrestling, Matt Swanson:                                  mswanson13561@gmail.com