YAC Tree leaves inspirational message for GHS Community


Delaney Benchoff

Youth Advisory Council Tree in the cafeteria promotes student unity


Just in time for the peak of autumn, the Youth Advisory Council begins another encouraging project. The new addition to the GHS cafeteria includes a paper tree reading “I Can Make GHS A Better Place.”  At lunches YAC members will be helping students and staff sign their names onto cut-out leaves to add to the wall.

The purpose of the tree is to have all students and staff make Gloucester High School the most positive learning environment possible. The YAC team and advisers hope that the tree will “spread self-awareness” and “improve the attitude and environment of the GHS community members.”

Math teacher Allison Smith-Walsh shared her thoughts; “I think that our school community is already a positive place-but with everything there’s room for growth. If everybody can pledge to do just one small act of kindness than GHS would be near perfect.”

The Youth Advisory Council aims to create and spread more encouragement through all their activities- including the new tree project.“It generates positivity and shows that many people of Gloucester High School want to make the High School a better place – and reflect that by writing their names on leaves for the tree,” said YAC member, Jesse Alexander.

The Youth Advisory Council hopes that everyone will participate and take the pledge to better our school community and that the tree will actually affect the mental attitude of the GHS community. Stop by at any lunch period to sign a “leaf with a mission.”