Docksiders spook it up with Halloween coffee house


Samantha Gross

GHS Docksiders plays at the first coffee house performance of the year


Who you gonna call? Docksiders!

Thursday October 26th, the Gloucester High School Docksiders hosted their annual Halloween coffee house in the cafeteria.

“It was a great start to our major concert season,” said GHS Junior and trombone player Owen Bryan. “Band and audience members alike had a great time.”

“Overall we had a very successful performance for a great crowd,” said Band Director Daniel Fleury. “We have been anxious to perform since our Topsfield Fair performance was unfortunately cancelled and the band put on a solid show.”

Their sweet tunes and funky rhythms left the crowd howling with cheer!

“I’ve been with this for 17 years,” said Assistant Director David DiPietro. “Every group I’ve worked with has always impressed me because of their dedication and pride in this band.”

Some songs also featured lead vocalist Sadie Cook.

“I’m always nervous before a performance but friends and family cheer me on and help me get through it,” said GHS Junior and Lead Vocalist Sadie Cook.

“It was impressive considering over half the band is made up of new Docksiders,” said Italian teacher and band parent Theresa Gallo.

To many freshmen, this was their first concert they have performed in since they’ve joined.

“It’s a whole new perspective compared to the O’Maley band,” said GHS Freshman and Pianist Martina Gallo.

“Most of us have been playing charts harder than than what we’re used to. We pulled it off,” said GHS Freshman and Tenor Saxophone player Kelsey Lowthers.

Along with a whole new band comes a new wardrobe.

“The new vests are sharp,” said Gallo.

However as many new members join, for some this was their last first concert.

“The coffee house went very well and I think everyone sounded great,” said GHS Senior and Pianist Jett Sayess. “It was a great start to my last year in the band.”

“The band will live forever,” said GHS Senior and Trumpet player Bryan Buckley “Once a Docksider always a Docksider.”

Smiles were scattered across the crowd, some audience members even got up and started dancing.

“During rehearsal I felt nervous about the concert,” said GHS Sophomore and Lead Guitarist Maddie Gossom. “But once we got out there we did awesome.”

“These students are doing something that’s not easy,” said DiPietro. “Getting up in front of people and playing your instrument is very difficult.

“Thanks to our band parents who work hard for us to put on these shows,” said Fleury. “And to all who came out to support The Docksiders and GHS Music!”

The concert was a real graveyard smash. Be sure to go to the middle street walk on December 9th at the Cape Ann Museum to watch them perform. You won’t regret it.