Bathrooms closed due to vandalism


Once again, the bathrooms of GHS have been vandalized. Today on the second floor, not just one, but both the men’s and women’s bathrooms have been closed. Students on the second floor now need to walk to the first or third floor bathrooms.

Signs on the locked bathroom doors read “closed due to vandalism.”

“Students are damaging the repairs that have been done,” said Principal James Cook.

“I went to go pee today but it took me 15 minutes to find a usable bathroom that didn’t smell or wasn’t closed,” said GHS senior Caroline Enos. “I didn’t vandalize it, so let me pee in peace please.”

“Someone created a hole in the wall,” said Dean of Students Robert Gallinelli. “The wall was fixed and plastered, but before it was dried, someone dragged their fingernails through the works. And it has happened twice.”

Principal Cook does not know for how long the bathrooms will be closed because it depends on the time it will take for the repaired plaster to dry.

To save the rest of GHS students from the hassle of having one less bathroom nearby, administration asks students to not vandalize school property.