JROTC survives Inspector General Inspection


Ten hut! The pressure was on for all JROTC cadets. Wednesday, October 18th was the big Inspector General’s Inspection, which happens every three years but is the first time GHS has had this inspection for awhile.

“I hope this inspection allowed all of the cadets to learn something new about JROTC that they did not know before,” said Cadet Commanding Officer Soo Ae Ono. “Although I was nervous, I looked forward to seeing all of the progress many of the cadets have made and for them to show everything they have learned while being in the program.”

They evaluated different cadet’s understanding of basic Marine Corps knowledge as well as evaluating color guard and unarmed regulation. It shows that cadets understand basic drill commands. The drill cards are made by the Colonel himself, which he designed to understand how the cadets drill.

“I’m looking forward to all of the first year cadets learning from this experience,” said Cadet First Sergeant Haley Johnson. “I feel like the reality of this program hadn’t quite hit them yet.”

Cadets were working hard on squaring away their uniforms and knowing their basic knowledge to prepare themselves for this big inspection.

“I think they took a lot from this. They learned about how the program is run and what is expected of them,” said Johnson.

Gloucester High School passed the Inspector General’s Inspection with flying colors. They set the bar high for other schools. The hard work these cadets put into this inspection blew the minds of the instructors, inspectors, and most importantly the inspector general.

“This inspection has been the best one we’ve had in all my years at GHS,” said Senior Marine Instructor, Richard Muth.

The Cadet Commanding Officer, cadet Major Soo Ae Ono was recognized for being the recipient of the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross award by the Inspector General, Mayor Sefatia Romeo Taken, and Senator Bruce Tarr.  

“JROTC has taught me a lot about what it means to be a great leader as well as a better version of myself,” said Ono. “I hope many of the cadets will be able to understand that after the inspection was over.”