NHS provides tutors to peers


Time to hit the books!

KYLE CASUCCI, Staff Writer

Having trouble in any of your classes? Need someone to help you succeed in doing your homework? Well look no further than the GHS Library.

Members of The National Honor Society will be in the library to provide tutoring to struggling students. If you have no time after school for tutoring due to sports, work, etc, there will be certain tutors vacant at both lunches.

The exact NHS tutoring availability is as follows:


Sarah Orlando – English, Italian

Soo Ae Ono – Math Precalculus & below (not geometry), German

Ericca Nolan – Sciences, Math Precalculus & below

Caroline Enos – English, History, Art

Maria Kotob – English

Kayla Saltonstall – English, History, Art, Music

Rose Coffey – German, English, Algebra


Max Churchill – Math

Meghan Craaybeek – Math, Spanish

Christina Jones – Biology

Karlee Hynes – Italian, Physics, Music

Erin Hoofnagle – Spanish, Math


Brendan Johnson – Italian

Jenna Lake – Italian, Math

Harley Pereira – Spanish, English


Lasse Struppe – Any

Sarah Whitmore – Math, History, Italian

Taylor Lawrason – Math, Chemistry

Hunter Wieckowski – Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, History


Alex Muise – Italian, Math

Sarah Orlando – Italian, English


E-Block Lunch

Haley Johnson – 2nd Lunch – Math, Spanish

F-Block Lunch

Zoe Venetsanakos – 2nd – English

G-Block Lunch

Sarah Orlando – Both Lunches – Italian, English

Rebecca Pollock – 2nd Lunch – Spanish, Algebra

By Appointment

Alex Muise – Italian, Math

Taylor Abbott -Any

Kaitlin Marques – Chem, Spanish

Caroline King – Bio, English, Other Sciences

Matthew Smith – Any

Amanda Budrow – Spanish, Statistics

Henry Hardy – Any

Rebecca Pollock – Spanish, Algebra