Have no Veer, German is still here

ERICCA NOLAN, Staff Writer

Among the many teachers Gloucester High School is welcoming this year, Ludger Veer takes on teaching German.

Veer grew up in the town of Beesten near the Dutch border in Germany. He finished his undergraduate studies at University of Mainz before switching to Tübingen. He received his masters degrees in history and finished his studies in Latin.

Following college, Veer taught history and latin for five years. After that, Veer finished studying and received his law degree. Until 2011, Veer practiced as a lawyer before switching back to teaching.

Veer taught at numerous schools in Massachusetts as either a substitute teacher or a part-time teacher. He taught Latin at a couple schools, including Melrose High School and Benjamin Franklin Charter School.

Veer is currently teaching two German classes. When asked about his how he feels the classes are going, he had this to say.

“We got our feet wet, and I think we are ready to pick up the pace,” said Veer. “I think that I can still push them a little more.”

Veer likes a lot of activities outside of the classroom. He enjoys hiking, but has not found his definite favorite trail yet, and enjoys reading as well. One of his favorite things to read are books in other languages, especially Latin. Soccer is one of Veer’s favorite sports.

Veer is excited for the rest of this year with his students.

“I really like the way the students react to each other and the teachers,” said Veer. “Learning is all about relationships, if i do not have connections with a student, it will be hard for a student to accept the class expectations.”

Veer also wants everyone in GHS to know that helping and caring for others is important.

“I like to help everybody that I can,” said Veer. “If anybody feels like they could use some advice or help, I can make time available because we all should care about each other as a community.”