2017 fall play auditions to begin this week


Fall sports isn’t the only thing starting this month.This week on Tuesday and Wednesday the auditions for the Theatre program’s fall show, Nora’s Lost, will be held.

Nora’s Lost is about an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s named Nora who is lead out into the woods by the ghost of her dead husband. Nora then gets lost physically in the woods but also struggles and becomes lost in her mind and memories.

“The play uses a lot of the physical aspects of theatre to represent Nora wandering through her memories and having her past be revisited while at the same time her Daughter is looking for her in the woods,” said theater teacher and director Jessica Ruggles.  

If you are interested in being a part of the Theatre program, Wednesday at 6:00PM there will be a mandatory informative meeting for both actors and techies to learn about the theater program and any paperwork needed, but a parent must accompany the student. This meeting will provide your schedule for rehearsals, which are not on the same day every week. If you know you have conflicts for a day of a rehearsal please let Ms. Ruggles know as soon as you can.

If you would like to participate but do not want to act, there is the option to be in the tech crew, or techie. Techies will help build the set and help with the other technical aspects of the show. There is a tech day is once a week on a different day and is often from 2:30 to 6:00. You will not have to show up to the auditions but you will need to show up to the mandatory meeting on Wednesday of this week. You also need to go to https://gloucesterhighdrama.blogspot.com/ to sign up. You are not required to show up to every tech day but you should go to as many as you are able to.

For the auditions you will need to have a one minute contemporary monologue. If you are looking to audition, come to the auditorium after school either day. Your audition will only take 1-2 minutes and then you may leave.

Callbacks will be posted on https://gloucesterhighdrama.blogspot.com/ late Wednesday night. If you get a callback you will have to go to the auditorium after school on Thursday and Ms. Ruggles will give you a small scene to perform. The cast list will be posted the night after.

If you have any questions, contact Jessica Ruggles at jruggles@gloucesterschools.com or stop in to room 1209.