Detention: It’s not just on Wednesdays anymore


This year detention will be held Monday through Thursday afternoons instead of only one day a week as it has been in past years.  

“We did it so students don’t have to serve just one day after school,” said Dean of Students Robert Gallinelli. “We want to have more flexibility for the students.”

Although skipping a detention warrants a student to serve double the time, there are things that one can do to get out of serving one.

“Community service,” said Gallinelli. “A student has caused an infraction, disturbed the learning environment and therefore there has to be a consequence, but I would like to see students serving the community.”

Specific details of the detention policy are highlighted on page thirty-nine of the Compass.

But one term you won’t find on page thirty-nine is “digital detention.” Digital detention happens when a student violates the computer network and internet acceptable use policy.  

“Digital detention is an IT thing,” said Gallinelli. “They can freeze you, block you, shut you down.”

To avoid digital detention students should be sure to read the responsible use of technology policy on page 100 of the Compass.