Fishermen take it “to the river” with 25-15 win


Vidriana Catanzaro

Cody Burke (7) and Daylon Lark (22) celebrate what they think is a touchdown run in by Gloucester


The Fishermen scored their second win of the season on Friday, beating the Beverly Panthers 25-15 on Gloucester’s home turf.

“It was a great game all around,” said AJ Romeo Oliver. “We won against Beverly, and it was what we consider a dog fight, hard nose smash, good old Gloucester football.”

While Gloucester fought hard, Beverly kept the score at 0-0 through the first quarter with both teams playing an aggressive and physical game. The tides began to turn for Gloucester when cornerback Daylon Lark (22) intercepted the Panther’s pass in the fifth minute of the second quarter. The Fishermen scored the first touch down of the game three minutes later.

Beverly’s Clark Marchand (28) scored Beverly’s first touchdown with 1:38 left on the clock in the second quarter. The Panthers then earned a two point conversion and set the game in their favor.

The Fishermen upped their game from that point on, and the ball was moved between both teams at a steady pace, even with both Beverly and Gloucester suffering several injuries. The Fishermen’s Daylon Lark made several key plays and Captain Matt Smith was effective as quarterback and on defense.

While the Fishermen were set back by Marchang’s 58-yard breakaway sprint to the end zone in the second quarter, Gloucester matched Beverly’s strength and eventually came out victorious when senior captain and quarterback Matt Smith scoring with 42 seconds left in the last quarter.

“We all did our jobs and we came out on top,” said Romeo Oliver.

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