Perfomances, changes, and a big year for the music department

AUSTIN SMITH, Staff Writer

Can’t sing or play an instrument but love music performances? Don’t worry, the GHS Music Department has got you covered. Both the Docksiders and the GHS Chorus have had their share of changes this year, ahead of a number of performances.


The biggest change for the Docksiders is in their numbers. The class has always been a popular choice for students, but this year in particular has had a major increase in participants from the freshman class.

“Our band is growing, so we need a little bit more time to rehearse as a full band.  So now we have Mondays and Wednesdays after school. We used to just rehearse Wednesdays instead of two days after school, so we’re getting in some more time.”

This is a significant change for the Docksiders because of the newly implemented schedule change for the class. In previous years, the entire band has practiced together as one in-school class. However, increased numbers has changed that this year as well.

“I think with a bigger group it’s interesting because of how the band split up into two blocks, so we’re dealing with that new situation,” said Docksider student director Christian Celentano.


The Chorus has gone through significant changes this year, both negative and positive.

“The chorus is a little bit smaller because we had some scheduling conflicts but we’re excited that we’re going to be starting after school chorus,” said Fleury when asked what changes face the Music Department this year. “That’s going to be Thursday afternoons from 2:30 to 3:30, and we’re hoping that many of those that have previously been in chorus or never been in chorus will join our ranks on the afternoon for one hour a week, and hopefully join some ensembles.”

What’s Coming Up

In addition to increased practices, the Docksiders and Chorus both have plenty of performances coming up.

“The Chorus only perform a couple times this semester,” said Fleury. “They’ll have the Middle Street Walk in December, and then we also have our Holiday Coffee House, so we’ll be working towards that in December.”

“The Docksiders also double as the pep band, so we have football coming up. We have Topsfield Fair, where we play for about an hour at the end of the month, Saturday, September 30th. We have our Halloween Coffee House, which I hope we’re gonna be playing with the O’Maley Band. Going into December, we have a slew of holiday performances like the Middle Street Walk, our Holiday Coffee House, and we usually go over to Plum Cove to play for the kids over there.”

Although there has been a lack of Chorus members, and scheduling problems for the Docksiders, they look to be just as promising as ever this year.

“I’d like to add that Mr. Fleury always encourages joining my ensembles and joining my classes. If you can sing, we want you. If you can play an instrument, we want you.”