Fall fashion guide 2017



Looking through your closet and realizing you have nothing to wear for this fall? Have a bunch of cute clothes, but no way to match them? Have no fear, your annual Fall Fashion Issue is here.

It’s 2017! People can wear anything today and look good. It’s sweater weather time, and with this cold New England climate, many different styles are key.

Just always remember your fall clothing guidelines: no white after Labor Day, no doubling on patterns, no floral designs, make sure you have the right size, know your weather environment, and of course, just have fun with your style and be yourself!

Now let’s start with the basics: what is in this year, and what is definitely out.


Number 1: Denim! Denim! Denim! People are wearing denim jeans with denim jackets, and they actually look great! And jeans are your fall best friend.  

Number 2: Turtlenecks are coming back, and they have them in all shapes and sizes.

Number 3: Flannels, of course. You can wear them with jeans, skirts, undershirts, and just about anything.

Number 4: Boots. Whether they are rain boots, Ugg Boots, high heeled boots, or your basic to the knee boots, they all look great with just about everything.

And out’s:

Number 1: Joggers. Yes they are extremely comfortable and great things to lounge around in, but in 2017 people are starting to ditch the “lazy” look.

Number 2: Thigh high boots. These boots definitely had their moment last year, but they seem to be out of style already.

Number 3: Bomber Jackets. These also were a very big trend last year, but they seem to be leaving the spotlight for this upcoming fall.

Number 4: Sleepwear. This one should speak for itself – “sleepwear,” it’s meant to be slept in, not out in the open.

There are so many different styles to try out this year, so make sure to be creative and experiment with your own outfits.

Here are some different outfits I have come up with:

  • You could wear a white t-shirt with a flannel, some black leggings with brown boots, or rain boots, and top it off with any necklaces or bracelets.
  • Another outfit you could wear is baggy jeans with a turtleneck and jean jacket, and finish it off with some converse shoes.
  • Lastly, if you want a more formal look: wear a black dress with brown boots, and put your hair in a cute messy bun.

Fall is the best time to start out your school year strong (and with style). Knowing the best outfits to wear  that are also affordable and stylish is the best way to do it.

Use these tips to make fall style your best style.