Gloucester High School off to a fiery start


Lily Kuhns

Car fire in the student parking lot on the first day of school

MARIA KOTOB, Staff Writer, Editor

As a new school year rolls in, students may or may not have hoped for a fresh start after the roof was fixed this past summer. But to the students’ and the staffs’ surprise, Gloucester High School began the year with an interesting spark.

A car fire in the student parking lot, specifically. 

Yep, you read that correctly. A car fire around 7:00 AM Tuesday morning. What caused the fire is still unknown.  

Whether seen from school windows, heard about from a friend, or viewed on any social media, word quickly got around of the melted mishap.  The fire pulled in a few other vehicular victims with numerous melted cars now parked at Tally’s. 

The vehicle’s owner, senior James Vadala, was oblivious to said fire until it was pointed out- an honest mistake made by any first-day hazy student. 

“I didn’t know. Like two minutes after I was in the school, Cate Delaney told me my car was on fire,” said Vadala. 

After waking up at an exhausting 6:00AM for the first time in what felt like forever, the news and pictures of the car seemed like this Gillnetter editor never woke up and this had been one big hilariously unfortunate dream. It was not.

“It was a lit first day of GHS,”said junior Alexander Oaks. “I feel bad though, it sucks to have to start the last year of school like that.”

The Gloucester Fire Department extinguished the flames that once was a student’s car and blocked off its prior parking space. No one was hurt.

But hey, it is just another day at GHS.