New student council elected


The class of 2018 officers for the 2017-2018 school year. From left, treasurer Jill Gross, secretary Chris MacDonald, president Danielle Larrabee, and vice president Emily Kenyon

OWEN BRYAN, Staff Writer

Another election has come and gone, and as of last Wednesday, the results are in.

Starting off the day, the juniors had their elections. All of the junior officers ran unopposed. Christopher MacDonald won secretary. Danielle Larrabee won the presidency, with Emily Kenyon as vice president. Jillian Gross won the vote for Treasurer.

“It’s a fun job, and I like having a role in a lot of our class events,” said four-year junior class secretary Chris MacDonald. “There has been exponential growth in work and responsibility as the years ho on.

Later in the day, the freshmen took to the stage for their elections. More than ten people ran for office positions. All of the representatives were automatically on student council. Also, all of the candidates for office made it onto the council. Lillie Favazza won the presidency. Cate Delaney claimed the vice president. For secretary, Willow Phoenix was triumphant. Molly McAreavey won the spot for treasurer.

During D Block, the current sophomores had their election. Again, all the candidates were elected. For officer positions, vice president Tracy Wood and treasurer Rebecca Dowd ran unopposed. President Ruby Melvin successfully ran against former representative Elizabeth Schuster, and won by a close margin. Secretary Owen Bryan was victorious with another pun filled speech.

Several weeks ago, the Student council body had elections for the executive board. Gabriela Machado won the presidency, with Caroline Enos as vice president. Samantha Gross won executive treasurer. Henry Hardy won executive secretary.

“Being on student council has been a pleasure,” said MacDonald. “I recommend everyone run for student council.”