Spice up your playlist with new artists



The music industry plays a big part in our daily lives. Although radio stations play music that is quite catchy, we tend to fall in love with this catchy music, listen to it 24/7, and simply wear it out.

If you are bored of those songs constantly being played on the radio and want new music/artists to listen to or even just want to spice up your playlist, check out the artists below.


As a singer-songwriter from Oakland, California, FRANKIE is taking on the music scene with her three best friends to create entertaining music that will have you up on your feet. The band puts their own unique twist on pop music by incorporating dance vibes and catchy lyrics into their original, addicting melodies. Be sure to listen to their EP, “Dreamstate” and the lead single, “Blink,” off their upcoming album debuting later this year. They just might become your “New Obsession” (no pun intended).


New England native, Emmarie, has been creating Pop/Rock music since thirteen years old. She will either make you want to jam out and dance or will give you goosebumps from her beautiful piano ballads and guitar skills – there is no in between. Either way, her original music is simply relatable and catchy. She has created pop/rock music like, ‘Never Grow Up” and “Misfit Lullaby,” that tell stories through her inspirational lyrics. Although she has not released an album yet, be on the lookout for new music soon.

That Poppy 

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, That Poppy’s overall bubblegum pop sound gives off a vintage vibe, similar to Marina and the Diamonds. Her recently released song, “I’m Poppy,” showcases a creepy (in a good way), futuristic side to That Poppy, with a hint of video game vibes (If you listen to it, you’ll know what I’m talking about), much different from her EP, “Bubblebath.” Even though her identity is unknown, the mystery that comes along with her spectacular vocals will make you want to keep listening. Check out her single, “Lowlife,” you won’t regret it.

Liberty Deep Down

Liberty Deep Down is an all boys band from Columbus, Ohio. From being the opening act for artists such as Gavin Degraw and Fifth Harmony, to headlining their own show in their hometown, these boys are up and coming popstars. Although they are quite the pop band, they create upbeat dance music that will make you want to dance the second you put their music on. Be sure to check out their recent album, “Electric,” out now.


Sizzy Rocket – 

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Sizzy Rocket is taking on the music world in her own, unique way. As an original songwriter, all of her songs sound different from one another, but they all have a very pop/dance vibe. Sizzy puts past experiences into her music, allowing each song to tell a different story. Check out her album, “Thrills” and recently released single, “Still” for unforgettable music.


Anna Clendening – 

Former America’s Got Talent contestant, Anna Clendening’s original pop vibes with a tiny hint of rap, is something that cannot be found anywhere else. From piano ballads to full-out dance music, Anna’s undeniably impressive vocals will blow you away. Check out her relatable and catchy EP, “Unfiltered.”