Dead bird finds a home at GHS


Art by Rachel Nearis

OWEN BRYAN, Staff Writer

Ever noticed something a little funky on the way up to the art wing? You might have seen the dead seagull decaying on the roof. The seagull, or at least what’s left of it, has been there since September.  

“I’m pretty sure it’s mummified at this point,” said junior Caroline Enos. “It’s been in the same downward dog position since the wind moved it sometime last November.”

Over time, the bird has gained a small following. Students walking up to the art wing point it out to each other. People have grown attached to the deceased gull.

“It has become a part of my routine to salute this fallen hero every time I walk up to art,” said Enos.

“I’ve been walking by that thing for months now,” said senior Liam Dyer. “It is pretty nasty.”

When asked about removal, Bonesy, the head custodian, said it was the first he had heard of it. He encourages students to report any dead animals to the custodians immediately.